I enjoyed The House on New Lake. It has been a long time since i have listened to audio books. It reminds me of when i was younger; when my family would take road trips to various places and my mother would keep us busy by getting an audio book to listen to in the car. Many times i can remember wanting to get back into the car to hear what comes next, which is quite ironic given the usual sentiment about road trips with family. That really helped me learn to love reading because it gave me a view of what was inside the books without having to read them. At that age, when my vocabulary was often too small to understand all the words in the books i liked to read, audio books really helped bring connotation to the words.


The actual story was both interesting and relevant. When i was growing up, my grandfather had a set of quads we would go out and ride on in the woods. There was an old house and barn there that had been abandoned years ago on one of the trails we had made. Although the story behind the place was known, it was similar to what had happened in the story. No one wanted the house that was miles off the paved road, and so it was left abandoned with much of the stuff that the people who had died there had left. Some time in the past few years the house had caught on fire and has since collapsed. The barn took a bit longer, but nature claims everything in time. I don’t know why i feel sad about seeing them finally gone, but i do. They were a part of my childhood that, in my naivety, had thought would always be there. Now they are just mounds with grass on top.


On the other hand, I found the 20 Stories in 60 minutes was a bit boring. The concept is kind of cool, but each story lacked enough time to actually tell an interesting story. It seemed more like gossip and small talk.  Most of the joy i get out of reading a story is the ability to describe and create its own world in my mind. I enjoy reading long books, especially when the books have the time to weave an intricate tale where the end is not a foregone conclusion. These short stories, while possibly interesting, force me  to imagine too much and leave me feeling like i need more information. They are not relevant to me and i simply cant relate enough to care about them. If they were all focused on a single topic i may be interested because i could draw connections and information from one to another. As they were though, they were too different and freeform to draw connections between and therefore could not keep my attention.


-Adam Steffy


~ by adamsteffy on February 1, 2011.

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