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It most definitely takes a particular set of skills to give an effective radio broadcast. You must have a smooth and pleasant sounding voice, and you must be able to read lyrically and relate to your audience even though you have never actually had a conversation with them. To give a successful performance on the radio all the above must be true. If these skills are available, than I believe there are many things that a podcast or radio performance can accomplish that other written forms cannot.

When listening to House on Loon Lake, the delivery of the narration is so crucial to how the audience receives the story. Unlike reading this mysterious account out of a book, the voices and emotions of the narrator(s) are completely responsible for imagining and creating the story. The author of the narrative also has a lot of control on other aspects of how the performance is perceived. In the beginning of the podcast, they suggest to turn the lights down-in hopes of setting up a spookier atmosphere. In the House on Loon Lake there is also the authors use of background music. The music provides another level of connection, one similar to the way that we would feel when watching a scary movie and then suddenly the creepy high pitched music starts playing in the background. It foreshadows how we are supposed to feel, and they do this as well in the narrative in order to elicit the same effect.

Although I thought This American Life was different in narrative structure, I enjoyed all of the different anecdotes. I thought with this work, the ability to hear all the different characters and their accents was very beneficial. I thought this really added to the story about Swap and Shop. The dialect and accents of the narrators gave the story a very different and realistic feel that one might not be able to achieve through other mediums. Additionally, Ira Glass is extremely successful of his hosting the show and pulling in the audience with his influential radio voice and conversational tone.

The medium of the radio and podcast can be interesting and beneficial however they do have their drawbacks. The one thing that I found to be difficult at times was that if you missed something it was harder to go back and look up the information. With writen text you have some sense of where the information might be, on what page or in which chapter, however with a podcast it is difficult to go back when searching for something specific. Hence an audio takes and requires much more attention than reading a book does.

Kezia Wong


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