January 25th Class Notes

If you have not finished commenting on your own blog post, please have a comment posted by next class. The comment should be about how your blog post could be revised if you were to post it again. Remember, your blog post should not include description for description’s sake nor summary for summary’s sake.

The two ‘reading’ assignments for this week are to finish Makers (ch 42-81), and to listen to the podcasts from This American Life, and “House on Loon Lake“.

You must finish your fanfiction (link up from your homepage). The fanfiction must incorporate some elements of the second half of Makers.

For this week’s blog post, pay close attention to the narrative structure of the particular genre of the This American Life podcasts. Almost every story follows a particular form and there are specific ways in which they were produced in terms of sound, music, the use of the voice. Focus on the compositional elements particular to this form. In “House On Loon Lake” specifically, you may want to look at the long form vs. the short form in a sound essay.

Your website should have a stylized website with navigation to all assignments and a link back to student website. Please tweet the url of the website. Make sure you are use a CSS style sheet, not inline CSS alone. Make sure to check out the CSS tutorials at W3schools. Choose fonts/colors carefully!

If you have any trouble, particularly with the technical aspects of these assignments, there is a tutorial at 4-6pm on Sunday. You can also email or tweet Sarah and Claudia with any questions.

-Claudia and Sarah


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