The Possibilities in “Makers”

I really enjoyed the Makers reading. Some of the inventions they came up with were absolutely brilliant (the use for the RFIDs was my favorite), and I love the concepts that Doctorow presents. Doctorow is right: the next big inventions won’t be in the tech-Mecca of Silicon Valley–they’ll be in garages and homes. This is a reversion back to how most big corporations, like Apple, got started: nerds in garages with a lot of time on their hands. Now, again, everybody has the same technological capacity that these nerds had. Anyone can spend a weekend online and learn the basics of coding languages. A great example of this is the Apple App Store. The App Store allows any programmer to design an app and put it in the App Store, either for sale or for free. Now, anyone with an idea for a little game or useful mobile-program and some coding knowledge can create an app for everyone.

It kind of amazes me that literally anyone can design a program and put it out there for instant feedback and, in some cases, let other people work on it, too. The digital space is already being designed in homes across the world, and Doctorow is, very logically, predicting that the physical space will be conquered from home, too.

– Joe DeMarini


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  1. Well, for starters, I probably would’ve done the assignment properly and written about the other two readings, not “Makers.” Oh well, next time.

    But anyway:

    I’ll try to be more coherent. I feel like I jump from subject to subject with absolutely no transition, which is a problem I’ve always had. “Organization,” my professors tell me, “your organization and flow is all over the place.” I write in a train-of-thought mode, where I put an idea down as soon as I think of it with no regard to what came before it. Without a thorough re-read, my writing is always a muddled mess…

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