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Girls Day Out

This was quite an interesting program.  The shards at first glance appeared to be a heavily-redacted forensic report on the discovery of 30 or so bodies.  I suppose they are just pieces taken from newspaper headlines. There are no complete sentences and some portions are just one word.  I’m not sure what the aim of the author was to display the information this way.  The text does not appear to be an image or anything either.  The transition between each page shows that they are all anagrams of each other.  At least, I think they are.  It would make sense considering the use of incomplete sentences and stuff.  Also, the spacing between the phrases indicates that the document is not meant to be read necessarily in order.

The poem tells a more complete story of what happened to the author.  This is a recount of the author’s experience, but the transitions form separate story, the story of the girls who were found dead there.  Really creepy if you think about it.


~ by MikeL on January 24, 2011.

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