Hidden text – Girls Day Out

After my first reading of “Girls’ Day Out”, I felt the author ended with the reader wanting to know more.  From just reading the poem, you picture two young girls blissfully riding in calm, open fields.  The weather turns however, and the author’s horse tosses her over its shoulder. The second part of the poem reveals the sadder truth – that multiple young girls were the victims of the ‘killing fields’ off of Calder Road.

I felt the use of animations and different pictures definitely gave the reader a better experience than any form of non-digital literature. It creates interaction between the reader and the piece, therefore producing a deeper connection since the reader chooses where to click next and what pictures to look at. This form of media created hidden text within the poem, which you would never find elsewhere.  If you were like me and chose to read the poem first, I’m sure you were as shocked as I was finding out that the place where the author let her spirit run free was also the site of brutal murders. The use of the hidden text which faded in and out was from the original poem, indicating that the author herself was not far off from becoming one of those girls buried beneath the grass.

Reading the Author’s Note, you find the author learning about these murders several years later by a newspaper article. In the way this is told, the author and the reader find out simultaneously about these murders – not knowing of them during the initial reading of the poem but having it slowly unfold as the reader gets deeper within the story.  This again makes it very real to the reader and as previously mentioned – wanting to know more. I know I found myself looking up information on the Calder Road murders as I had never heard of it before.

-Marissa Casagrande


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