cool animation, Yu-Lan Tsai

“The animation is cool !!!”
that was the first impression when I saw the both website. However, as I read through each part ( there are 7 parts to each one) of Mandrake Vehicles, I couldn’t understand the story, just knew that the context becomes more poetic, but still, it means nothing to me.  In contrast, Girls’ date out is easier to understand.
The only cool thing which surprised me was the animation.  I was more amazed by the Mandrake Vehicles; as the animation started from part 2, they took out letters, and rearranged them to make words, then combined the remaining letters to make the new sentence; He did this twice. It showed me how amazing is the English alphabet. How the alphabet in words can be rearranged to the different words, and the words can still be a sentence. However, when it took letters out and combined what’s remaining the second time, it’s not a complete sentence anymore. It showed the limitation of using alphabet. There are a lot of combinations of letters which create words, and make the words become sentences; but when letters become fewer, less words are created, thus no sentence are made.



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