Forms of Interaction-Blog post #2

After my initial viewing of the poem “Girl’s day out”, I was left with a feeling that left me wanting to know more.  I was not aware of the murders that had taken place on the riding grounds of the author and her sister until further examining of the program.  My initial reaction to this reading(Unknowing of the murders) did not even compare with the reaction that I got out of learning about the brutal murders that had taken place.  The technique that this author has used to display her message is unlike any message that can be achieved through standard text.  After reading the poem, the author gives you the option on where you want to go next.  Whether you go to the section “about the author” or the section entitled an “Unearthing”, no one will be left unaffected by this piece of artwork.

The fact that this is a digital piece of artwork allows the author to interact with the reader on more than just the literary level.  The author has the ability to share pictures and other bits of information that would otherwise be left untouched in the non-digital world.  Now, instead of just reading, as one would do in traditional texts, the reader has the ability to choose where they want to start the piece and how they want to interact.  The interaction part of “girls day out” allows the reader to have complete control over what they are viewing.  This “new” way of reading is changing the world of literature and the way in which we think about certain things, such as this poem.  Once the hidden message in this piece is revealed, everything seems to fall into place.  This kind of animation used by the author allows the reader to achieve a deeper sense of understanding that one would have by just reading the poem.  I believe this kind of interactivity between the author and the reader is a symbiotic sort of relationship that amounts to a deeper understanding of the author.  It gives the reader less limits on what they can and cannot do and allows the author to get more involved within the reader’s life.

This technique allows the reader to stumble across the murders in a similar fashion to the way that the author did.  Unknowing of them during the initial read of the “poem” and then very slowly, more and more is discovered about what actually took place along those trails.  Just as the author pointed out, it was not until years after that she realized she had been riding along side of girls very similar to herself.  She easily could have been one of those girls and this is the experience the author is going for.  This form of interaction makes the experience much more real to the viewer.

-Billy Ricketts-


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  1. When going over my second blog post I noticed that I could have focused my energy more towards what the author was doing with the piece of art rather than the message that she was trying to get across to her readers. The way that this piece is presented is unlike most of what i’ve ever read or seen. The author used this piece to show how close you can really come to something, such as death, without actually encountering it. But the truth is, death had been encountered by her. She was just as much a victim as any one the dead girls.

    Focusing on why the author used certain aspects over others to come to a deeper understanding of the topic is something that I will use.

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