Class Notes from January 18th, 2011


This week we continued to go over html, specifically using CSS.  There are three types of CSS: internal (within the html file), external (on a separate style sheet), and inline (style placed within an html tag). You can find more CSS help at the w3schools tutorials.

Part of this week’s website assignment is to add a footer to your site, with the copyright information.  You should use the Creative Commons website to make a decision about copyrighting your content. You also need to attach a CSS style sheet to your website.  You can find color advice and information from Adobe’s Kuler.  Your CSS document should have style information for the whole site. Make sure to attach the style sheet to your html file either using Dreamweaver or do it manually by placing this code in between your <head> tag:
<link rel = “stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”filename.css” >

and replacing “filename” with the name of your css style sheet.

The readings for next week are Girl’s Day Out, Mandrake Vehicles and chapters 1-40 of Makers.  Write a blog post about one specific feature of either Girl’s Day Out or Mandrake Vehicles.  This can be about a technical, aesthetic, or rhetorical aspect of the pieces, or about some other element, but please try to discuss the specific rather than the piece in general.  The blog post is due by noon on Monday.

After you read Makers, please write a piece of fanfiction, and post it on your pitt website.  You should put it in a separate page, with a link from your home page (your home page is the “index” file).

When you have completed the blog and fanfiction assignments, please post links to your work on your twitter.  You can create a shortened url with sites like, or the wordpress built in feature for short links.

If you have any further questions, you can email us, or post them on twitter.

-Claudia and Sarah

~ by Sarah on January 19, 2011.

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