First week’s readings

After finishing each of the readings, I found them each unique and interesting in many ways. Some stood out in my mind more than others like, “my body-a wunderkammer” and Galatea. My least favorite was Library of Babel. I found myself rereading paragraphs over and over again, the story not really sticking with me. I’m not really sure I got the whole idea of what this author was trying to say.

However, I did thoroughly enjoy “my body-a wunderkammer” by Shelley Jackson. She tells a story by having the reader click on different parts of the body, leading to a short story with hyperlinks to take the reader to the next chapter. Since there is no specific order on the way you read it, it is up to the reader, leaving many possibilities of how the story unfolds. I found myself keeping the main page open and reading from head to toe, but I would like to see where the story takes me if I were to click the links inside the sections. I liked this piece the most as a I feel a book can never give you this type of experience.

The Galatea piece was unlike any other interactive online question/answer program I have used. I originally thought it was going to be like the Eliza program we used in class, but found this to be on a more intimate level. We were instructed to “interact with her physically”, which I thought was odd as this is a computer program. After a while of playing the game, I needed to use the ‘cheat’ website – which made me understand this program better. I chose to follow the friendship story to see if I would get the desired outcome since how she reacts depends on the characters mood.  We talked about how Galatea was born and her relationship with her parents. I think at the end of the story she had gained my friendship.


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  1. I think that bighouse113 brought up some interesting ideas and issues within her blog. in regards to “my body-a wunderkammer” I would have to agree with her mention of how different this reading is from anything you could access from a book. The experience that the audience receives from this text is creative and different and can be explored many different ways. I think this comment sheds light on the idea of book vs. computer or digital vs. print. Bighouse113 also brought up how intimately she could interact with a computer program. I think this is an interesting issue because I think many people probably find it difficult to get intimate with technology, however this particular reading was interesting because as bighouse113 mentions, by the end of the program she feels she is friends with Galatea. This brings up the issue of how real can a relationship be with this computer program? Is it similar to becoming close with a fictional character that you would read about and meet in a book?

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