Class Notes 1/11

Hello All,

Last class we went over setting up twitter and wordpress accounts, and then we went over beginning html and website building.  If you missed the first class, you can find links to our twitter feed and assignments at the course information website.  The html tutorials that should be used as a guide when building your homepages can be found here.  The htlmdog tutorials may also be useful to you.

We also experimented with the Eliza program, an interactive piece which you participate in by asking and answering questions.  This week’s assignment, Galatea, is a similar thing, but with win/loss conditions.  As you read through Galatea, you should try to figure out the different endings to the story.

There is a Digital Photography  101 item on the syllabus for 1/11, but we ran out of time for it, so it will be covered next class.

The assignments due on Tuesday are:
Readings- Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Library of Babel, My Body& A Wunderkammer, Change the Code Save the Text, Galatea.  Links on the class website
A blog post reacting to the readings- there is no specific format you need to follow.
A working homepage on the pitt server
To make a post to the blog, sign in to your word press account, and click on My Blogs> Narrative and Technology > New Post
There is no assignment due using twitter, but check the class feed for questions or updates.

Please feel free to email me if you have any other questions.



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