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Reading through the different works I found them all interesting in their own ways. Though I thought that the content was more enticing in some of the works more than others I found that to me, for this first assignment, it was most interesting to look and admire the style of the works more than the content. I realized through these assignments just how much creative capacity there is when using digital media as the medium to express your writing.

In”my body-a wunderkammer” Shelley Jackson uses different clickable  body parts in order to tell her story. I found this reading to be the most interesting through style and through content, especially because you can read the story differently every time depending on the order in which you click. At a few points there was so much story it almost seemed overwhelming yet at the same time mystyerious. In the first link I clicked you could not only follow one path but within it follow several more on to “one jot off a frankenstein monster” and “the way my butt stuck out.” I found it exciting as I didn’t know where or how far the wandering could take me. I think it is something that you could never do with just a regular book, as at least for me there is mystery in not knowing where it ends or being able to see how many pages you have left to go.

Another work that I found to be extremely interesting was the “Change the Code, Keep the Text.” At first it was a little daunting to see so many videos and so many stories until I discovered that the text matched the narration, and the video corresponded with it all as well. The concept of stories encoded and hiding behind HTML is all still relatively foreign to me. It is still slightly confusing for me, as a beginner in this entire process, to understand the idea of how they hide the narrative within the coding. However, though I lack the technical understanding, I believe it is in the second narrative by Jessica Loseby, where she says that by using technology as a media, it only enriches the goal and meaning of the narrative, which I most definitely agree with. Although I hardly understand how it works, I found that watching the videos while listening to the narration was astounding and very interesting. The media makes particular words stand out and although it is sometimes difficult to decipher what the narrator is saying the words displayed across the screen aid to the understanding, while also setting a lyrical flow to the story.


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  1. I felt the same way you felt about Shelley Jackson’s, ”my body-a wunderkammer”. I found it interesting that you said it is mysterious, as you never know where the next page will lead you. This, as you said, can never be found in a book. I wonder how many different combinations of the story can be made.

    In “Change the Code, Keep the Text”, I found myself reading the text instead of watching the movie. I also am fairly new with this narrative technology, like yourself so I understand where you are coming from. I should read the text while watching the movie since you said “media makes particular words stand out”. That is interesting to me. I do believe that using some technology as media enriches the meaning of the narrative, like Jessica Loseby stated.

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