Physics of the Fall

Toward the end of Flight Paths, we see Yacub trying to escape Dubai by climbing into the wheel bay of an airplane. This sounds all well and good, and has even been attempted (and I believe was pulled off successfully once) but would almost certainly lead to a very cold and cramped death amidst the sky.

One, the atmosphere at which most aircraft fly is extremely thin and hard to breathe. Two, temperatures at that level are much colder than ground level, so if thin air wasn’t bad enough, one now has thin, cold air. Three, the types of positions one must contort into in order to fit in a wheel bay are unfathomable to most. Unless Yacub was a contortionist, this would likely lead to pulled muscles, broken bones, and the like- if he survived the thin, cold air.

If it is granted that Yacub would survive the flight long enough to get to the fall, then he would certainly have died falling miles upon miles from a plane to the ground. He landed on a car roof, which is a fairly hard substance, and would have broken several bones, not to mention the jolt to his heart. From that height, he probably would have died landing in a lake full of packing peanuts- but a car roof? No chance. So while for the sake of the story, it sounds great to have him live, it just wouldn’t have happened.


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