A few days ago, Andrew W.K. tweeted the link that appears at the very bottom of this screenshot:

The link is to this article, that presents an alternative theory about the controversy surrounding Andrew W.K.’s reception in the current music scene. Basically, the legitimacy of the Andrew W.K.’s identity was called into question, and it was alleged that Andrew W.K. was never a real person named Andrew Wilkes-Krier, but a musician that created the persona of Andrew W.K. with a team of  industry advisors. It started with a series of numerically coded messages that appeared on Andrew W.K.’s official website, introducing the existence of someone called “Steev Mike.” These messages would sometimes be entirely in code, or would be signed with a ’55,’ or ‘EE,” signifying Steev Mike, and directing decoders to other websites that expanded upon this legitimacy dispute. Most fans simply thought that the official website had been hacked–until Andrew W.K. confirmed the existence of Steev Mike. Proof of the exact details of the controversy have been lost/removed/confused over time, apart from countless fan pages attempting to explain it all. All that remains are as fact is that there is a human being that calls himself Andrew W.K. who is acknowledging and perpetuating that there is some sort of controversy surrounding his identity. (note: For lack of substantial sources backing the above summary, here is a pretty concise article to at least prove that I’m not just making all of this up).

There are, however, many real-life events that have coincided with these codes and directions–from AWK’s “farewell” show in 2004 in New Jersey, up to the Q&A he held with fans this past February. While all of this is very confusing and possibly unreliable, wanting to figure it out is playing the game. Is this a true ARG? Can ARGs have a public spokesperson? Is this all just a way for some celebrity to stay relevant? Who knows. except that whatever it is, it’s been going on for years and there is no end in sight.


~ by ameliabwagner on April 17, 2010.

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