seemingly random gibberish characters in floppy

It is hard to dcide whether these characters actually mean anything. Maybe they were just included at random. However, they might mean something, and based on the placement of them as well as some interesting patterns I am inclined to believe there is something behind all of it.

The seemingly easiest one of these to decipher comes from the file SKBONES. As one might assume, given the title, the characters form a picture of what looks like a skull and crossbones. The one bone-arm on the bottom right is a little unusually long and thin, though.

In the file EEEEEEE (which itself is a very light shade of gray in hexadecimal, barely seen by the eye, just as the woman being beaten is barely seen by the man who is not calling 911) there is a series of characters: Ugr@?~1y0cFNn7Y(#`P{6sa:30y[ |*|[}f_$g’DeFx-bT  4.0 then immediately following there is the same sequence of characters without the :30y[ in the middle. The :30y[ is repeated several times in the piece. This has to mean something, maybe it is the remnants of the beating on the wall echoing throughout the man’s head, like a conscience telling him he should do something. If the beating on the wall is unconveyable gibberish to him, then he may have taken this remnant subconsciously and it is stuck in his head like a bad but catchy song.

In GFGDGDF there is the same sequence again, with the :30y[ integrated back in like normal. However, the notable feature of this file is its abundance of money. The symbol $ appears all over the place in GFGDGDF. Not sure what it means, if anything. Moving on.

In MYMYMYM the ending sequence shows a random sequence again, this time interdispersed with a mention of fonts. It seems the man is hearing more beatings and muffled screams, symbolized by the characters, yet tries to work through it in an attempt to ignore it. Hence the fonts. It seems like this: “Was that a noise coming from the other room? No, I don’t think it was. Let’s just get back to work. Hmm, let’s see, Times New Roman, make this a paragraph here, what another noise? No I didn’t hear anything, just ignore it and it’ll go away.”

In BEFORESH he finally seems to realize that it’s not as much how willing he is to ignore the sound, it’s that he just doesn’t care. Again another series of dollar signs, yet this time they seem to form a picture. Of what, I’m not entirely sure, maybe the long line is a wall, and the shorter lines that seem to taper are the pillow he is using to muffle her out.

In AFTERSH he has truly realized that despite his apathy at the situation next door, it has affected him at least a little. The SH part of BEFORESH and AFTERSH seems to be some big realization. Anyway, there are the tapering lines of dollar signs again, so the pillow again?

In ECWRIHT there is again the tapered dollar signs, but also extended lines of &. These have appeared here and there in other ones, but here they immediately follow the pillow in both instances in which they appear. Maybe the motion of the fist, as seen through a stop-frame animation? The &’s get wider apart in the middle, just as a punch speeds up in the middle of the punching motion. Also, it fits the story.

In hSHHSHS he wants her to hit the wall, but of course this time she doesn’t. There are a lot of & rows, and no $ rows. Is she being hit away from the wall, where she can’t send her usual alerts to him? Did the boyfriend stop using the pillow and just repeatedly punch her square on, so now she is afraid of sending the alerts? If my symbol translation is correct, then this seems to be the case. Also, the name of the file is strikingly similar to SHHHHH as in be quiet. Maybe she wasn’t quiet enough before with the beating on the wall, so the boyfriend decided to make her quiet by force?

In FFFFFDO the dollar sign lines come back, as the man in the room, and seemingly the others as well, realize he’s not going to do anything. More pillow beatings, everything is back to how it was at the beginning. The end mirrors the beginning as the characters (and the reader as well) realize that this man will not get them out of the loop.


~ by diamondace on April 13, 2010.

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