The Difference Between Order and Chaos

Most likely none of you know that i have worked on and fixed my own vehicles since i turned sixteen and bought my first truck.  Fixing my own vehicles was done more out of necessity, caused by lack of money, rather than due to the desire to learn how to work on a vehicle.  To do any repairs on a vehicle i always needed a place to start, and a finished goal in mind.  Such as if the brakes needed to be changed I could not start by unbolting the brake pads, but rather had to remove the wheel.  There is a step by step process that needs to be loosely followed to accomplish the goal.   Writing a paper has steps needed to accomplish the goal of having a completed paper.

First you need an idea to write on, next research needs to be done so as to have some idea of what will be written, next a draft is written, after which the draft is revised, and finally the draft turns into a complete paper explaining an idea.  Writing the collaborative paper throws this process out the window, everyone has their own ideas about what they personally thought of People of Paper, and the first half hour of writing the paper proved this.  Everyone started to write without any sort of direction or goal in mind simply elaborating or explaining their ideas about the book.  This led to a lack of cohesion in the text.

In an attempt to solve the problem of cohesion attempts were made to democratically construct a paper as a previous blog post mentions.  Ideas about how the paper should be structured were brought up, but still the paper was mostly incomprehensible, due, in my opinion, to how  long it takes for a democratic bureaucracy to become usable and sustainable.  This is proven by looking at how long the United States Congress took to be able to solve problems without violence, during the early nineteenth century there were fist fights, and duels on the floor of congress between people with differing ideas as to how to govern.  Minus the violence, no one had any idea as to how to democratically solve the problems at hand.

Another blog post brought up the idea that one person could have taken charge to delegate work.  This might have worked except that without an overall confidence in the leader there would have been resentment against that person unless coersion was used to force the group to work.

In the week that followed the paper became more chaotic and incomprehensible due to a lack of feedback from the parties involved in the writing of it.   But without a goal in mind no one had any idea where to go from that point.  At least  i didn’t.

I personally could not reconcile my own personal procedure in writing a paper, with writing a paper collaboratively, leading to the chaos of a paper without any set goal or idea to get to, which led to the inability to find a starting point.

Gary Hitchins


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