Real World, Created World

Saturn is the voice of the author. I find it interesting that Saturn would create a world in which his characters are aware of his existence. They are not, however, aware that they came from him, nor are they resigned to their fates as people of paper. Much like our relationship with god, we are left to cope with our predicaments, our lives, our problems and have no say in our futures or the hands we are dealt in the world. De La Fe is a lot like Satan in Paradise Lost, leading the charge against a cruel master. De La Fe doesn’t want glory though, he just wants closure, a sense of control and purpose. But if it weren’t for the battle he is leading he wouldn’t have much to control.

This idea ties into a lot of the behaviors of people in the EMF starting with tatoes. We don’t choose what kind of bodies we are born into, but we can choose to modify them.  Piercings, tatoos, dying hair, clothes. These are all ways that people use to make themselves feel in control of this body thing. We all have one, every one is different, and nobody chose which one they had to drive around in. This was the first act of unfairness that we are forced to endure in our life time.

DeLaFe’s body was defective in another way: The bed wetting. Sure, it isn’t a debilitating handicap, but it was a catalyst in the event that caused his incurable sadness. This was his first clue that he had no control of the world he was a part of. This is also our first clue. God is a pretty cruel master, just look at all of the things he makes his beloved children put up with since the day of their birth. Is this why we rebel? Think about it. Science was created because people wanted to be more comfortable. The birth of fire allowed us to create warmth for ourselves and cook our food. Ever since then, people have been finding more and more ways to manipulate our resources to make things a little more fair. We’ve come a long way since then, but things haven’t gotten easier. In fact, things have been getting worse recently. Chemicals we have created cause birth defects, global warming may drown the entire human race one day, pollution causes cancer and asthma. I’m thinking of the use of lead to ward off Saturn’s gaze. Saturn knew this would cause sickness, so did we the reader. There is a similar irony when people do something that they think is ingenius, nuclear weapons, poorly placed dams, etc., that actually turn out to be really bad decisions. Is there someone up there laughing at us as he watches us screw ourselves? Is there someone up there punishing us for making the wrong choices? Are we just characters in someone else’s book? Could be.

Smiley is the only one who manages to see the face of Saturn, their god, the one who created their world. Is he a prophet? Does he die in this endeavor? Is this some kind of transcendental meditation move that allows him to leave the page and see the author? Does it really help anything? He also seems to be the only one who is at ease in this whole war. While the battle is raging, I’m curious what De Le Fa thinks he will gain if he wins.



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