lime addiction

Thinking about the connection between citrus and addiction, not just the aspect of poisoning, can reveal entirely new facets of the story.
Googling (“citrus” AND “addiction”) teaches us that the smoke from crack smells citrusy.
The limes are cocaine. After “extensive” research on citrus poisoning, we find that citrus oil
can be lethal to cats, but is typically only harmful to humans when there is an allergy
involved, although too much of anything will give you hives. The lime addiction may have a
lot to do with over-consumption, especially considering the Catholic undertones pointing to
the issue of gluttony. This is about much more than limes, as it often is in literature. The
idea of information overload is reflected in Merced and Little Merced’s addiction to limes. It
has less to do with the limes and more to do with an addiction and constant longing for
more, despite the consequences of rotten teeth, death, and computer-screen induced
migraines. Information overload is partially a consequence of our Post-Enlightenment / Empiricist quest for
knowledge and truth through reason supported by evidence. We find searching for more,
more and more citations, overloaded with sources, overwhelmed, untrustworthy sources,
purposefully false information, and chewing through thousands of pounds of pulp and
choking on the seeds and skin. What was once a healthy quest for knowledge has become a
crippling addiction without limits.

Throughout the text we are warned about this over-consumption of knowledge.

source: Collaborative Google Document


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