allow me to re-introduce myself

Because last time I simply wrote “ian alexander,” which is my name.  I also go by the titles “senior,” “garcon,” and “english lit and philosophy major”–all three of which conspire to make me the frequent victim of the horrible question, “what are you going to do now?” Usually I just reply “I’m going to move to Brooklyn and tend bar.  Forever.”  Ever read Dylan’s 7  Rules for a Life in Hiding?

Outside of school, professional servership (at Tamari, that buzzy Latin-Asian fusion house in Lawrenceville and no I don’t call it Lola and yes, I do manage the 19-minute busride to school) and my relatively active nightlife I spend a lot of time avoiding stasis and North campus.

My literary interests include but are not limited to the American South, reality television, popular music, Joyce, madness, never again will they include Tolstoy after last semester, I loathe Dave Eggers, I like Bobby Knight and I am looking to marry into money and collect strange degrees.


~ by dukerogersnelson on March 5, 2010.

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