Lethe river in Mandrake Vehicles

The old Greek myth, the river Lethe, river of forgetfulness, river of oblivion. Seems a perfect foil for Mandrake Vehicles. The text goes by so quickly it is merely asking you to forget what was on the prior page and search through the text anew, as it transfers its post-textual lettering to a new message every third page.

As the text says, “Weep, Lethe’s linnets, greet pageants of truths that scathe curt sod.” Birds that fly from a river of forgetfulness to cry along its banks, only to harm the dirt with the truth that they speak of. Are the linnets merely forgetting the truths, or do they remember them too well, prompting a visit to Lethe to remedy the problem?

The source code reveals no true clues, merely some flash and a mention of Shockwave player. Perhaps that is all that was intended to be on there; if we are to see the text as merely a series of movie frames, as flash, then we forget what happened before as Lethe helps the memory slide from view like the letters on the page.

The famed waterway only makes its presence known in the second installation; perhaps as an indication of its memories only existing in the present. The first installation is its past, the third its future; no place for the memories of a forgetful river.


~ by diamondace on February 20, 2010.

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