Mike Joyce and Afternoon

Michael Joyce was born in 1945. Currently, he is a professor of English at Vassar College in New York. He is most known for his hypertext Afternoon which many consider to be the first important and serious work of electronic literature. Afternoon was published online by Eastgate Systems Inc. using software called Storyspace. The plot of Afternoon follows a man named Peter who watches a car crash that happens to involve his ex wife and his son. Much of the plot depends on the reader’s choice, and so it is said to be an example of a book without and end. Joyce has recieved a lot of praise for his work, including The New York Times calling Afternoon “the granddaddy of hypertext fictions”, The Toronto Globe and Mail said that it “is to the hypertext interactive novel what the Gutenberg bible is to publishing,” and Der TAZ in Berlin once called him “Der Homer der Hypertexte.”

Afternoon is available online for download. Joyce no longer maintains a personal website, but there is a page online that has many links available for curious folks to meander through. Included on this page are a course description of the class he teaches, a list of students that have theses in his field, and various other links that send us to places where we can examine and/or purchase other works of his.





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