Female-male reader: Sexist nomenclature in Hopscotch

Cortazar uses an unfortunate sexist designation to characterize readers. There are two types of readers:the ones who critizes and are involved in the game of reading and the passive readers. The first ones are the male-readers, group where the members of the “club de la serpiente” definitely belong. To designate passive readers Cortazar utilizes “female” as an adjective, which represents a reader that like completed stories, not being able to play the literary games. La Maga is the symbol of this designation : a woman that has an empty discourse, who is there with the only purpose of being loved. Oliveira is always humiliating her, showing himself as superior. This aspect of the novel has been strongly criticized.

If you have access to JSTOR, take a look at this article:



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  1. Hm. Didn’t see this except through La Maga. It seems odd to me that he would make ‘categories’ of readers–I feel as though I fit into neither or both camps (as I imagine, you do as well). As a side note, I would say that La Maga is there to be filled rather than loved. Or, Horatio/Ossip love her because she represents the ideally empty vessel.

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