hilary penigar

I’m Hilary Penigar. I’m currently a senior English literature major (with a certificate in Children’s Literature) and formerly a Mechanical Engineering major. My academic focus tends to revolve around issues with gender, age, class, race and the intermingling of these topics (more or less anything with a questionable power hierarchy). I’ve been told that I have “awkward and confusing prose.”

I enjoy knitting, embroidery, and fiber art: specifically things like Jim Drain, Swank Dollar, and the artists showcased on Knit Kicks (although not necessarily focusing on clothing). I’m attracted to the juxtaposition between something technologically advanced and anachronistic (see: knitting hand spun yarn with LEDs) as well as the classic art / craft debate. I try to make my fiber work at least relatively sustainable and often use thrifted materials.


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