Hi yall, this is Erica Fidrych signing in!

Well I got here so far, I consider that the accomplishment of the week. Hopefully it keeps getting more and more interesting! Totally new territory, hopefully ready for the likes of me. We shall see.
I’m a senior at U of Pitt, studying EngLit, Anthro, and Italian, looking to study or teach in Italy in the fall, indefinitely, so cross your fingers!
I loved the movie “Julie and Julia”, but I hope to be a little less chaotic than Julie and treat my blog with respect.
I love foreign literature; I’ve been reading a Steig Larrson series right now that is amazing, check out “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.
Last movie I saw was Avatar, it was totally kickass and I take back any badmouthing I did prior to going and seeing it 3D Imax, because it was a completely mindblowing experience. I already get the feeling that this class is going to be a lot of that for me!!


~ by ericafidrych on January 11, 2010.

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