Revised Midterm Proposal: the CLOUD

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Originally, I wanted to use images of bodies. More specifically, my grandmother’s wrinkles. To tell stories. It’s too common for a woman to complain about her age, and I’m always telling my grandmothers that they earn the wrinkles they have. So my idea was to create hypertexts stories using photos of my grandmother’s wrinkles. and slicing those wrinkles to bring the reader to a story.

However, I scrapped this idea because I could not find how it related extensively to the content of the materials we’ve read in class.

Therefore, I PROPOSE a midterm: The Cloud

The Cloud-everyone has their own internet cloud. and anyone has it. does no one have the same one? I open the cloud with a silhouette of a girl’s head. In her head is a horse shaped cloud stampeding. This implies the drive of emotion the cloud represents, and the different links bring the reader to a page with words or an image that evoke these always changing emotions. These emotions can be explained by the phrase “sun moon stars rain” which is a line in an e.e. Cummings poem (“anyone lived in a pretty how town) that is the range of emotions for this project.

This piece is nonlinear. I use the poem to bring one to various inflections in the poem. The only aspect of hyperlinks that differs from “sun moon stars rain” is where phobia is acknowledged.

The rhizomatic form is drawn in a photo of a sketched root that is linked together by light bulbs. The large size of the baby face is supposed to scare the reader away from the phobia.

This project utilizes the hypertext narrative style using images like the former proposal but also involves content dealing with rhizomatic theory 

and uses the all inclusive language that Raw Shark Text does. with the character Mr. Nobody.

And it all is trying to connect philosophies that are contained within one’s mind with philosophies of digital media >all represented by the storms/sunshine/clouds within the mind driven by the emotions driven by the words.

Yet I want to make sure this project is highly interpretive and a representation of the dialectic relationship the medium of the mind/internet/weathered emotions have.

Final proposal

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For my final, I will be continuing and expanding my midterm. I’d like to leave my written part, but add a bit from a couple other sources. For the most part, I want to take all of my words and place them into their own box to possibly offer some imagery along with the story. As the story goes on, the “box” will shrink as does the story. As it continues, I will slowly begin to take out words until all that is left is a whole bunch of letter which I hope at the end I will be able to have “burst” from the box.

Blog post #10

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Schulz’s text is gives off quite an interesting look on imagery. As found in the class we compared the two works, The Tree of Codes cuts out the awkward and sexual parts and leaves people nameless. It focuses on things such as abstraction and reality. This can be looked at through the parts that were cut. From our comparison, Street of Crocodiles shows massive infusion of reproductivity (references to the garden). In Tree of Codes, we see more relationships rather than experience, opposite of Street of Crocs when we read about the adult masturbating against a kid while viewing porn, up to the moment of orgasm. In Tree of Codes, the family seems to be quite “tight knit” and caring/loving, but opposite of that, familial relations are not quite there in the same way.

By cutting out such things, the reader is offered different emotions. It also leaves room for interpretation. Going from Tree of Codes to Street of Crocodiles, the story seems to take out depth, while adding dimension to a new story. It’s almost as if multiple pages of Street Of Crocodiles is equal to one single page of Tree of Codes.

Words on Words on Words

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I got a lot of words. Some of them are going to be difficult to fit into this process. I’m trying to remember where I was before, oh yea running. I don’t thin running is all that HARD. In fact I’M going to BE honest and tell you that running is one of the easiest things to get into. Sure, AT the start of your running days you will be sore and just not want TO continue. One of my old coaches once told me that every day you sit out past one day goes AGAINST the work that you have done so far. The most important time is right BEFORE your run, you need to stretch or you will risk injury.


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I PLANNED that i WOULD catch the BUS each week, as usual. TO think this doesn’t mean taking a BEATING in the sleep dept… well THAT would be silly. I like TO sleep and dream ABOUT making things. I am always OUT of my INFINITELY pet-hair covered house. But that is the life of this wacky PROFESSOR. on the go TO Pitt TO NYC and OUT the door again

No Country FOR Old Ninjas

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THE minute we land on the Cathedral lawn, I knew that something was wrong. WE were not alone. We had been followed by at least TEN OR so of the ninjas WHO we had escaped from in unspace. They weren’t attacking, though. They paved THE WAY for their big boss TO pulverize me. Thinking quickly, I got my Sword of Unspace AND stabbed him in the chest, plunging him into the SEA of unspace to be lost forever in a mess of data.

“YOU did it!” Everyone said.

We cheered, and Lewis got a lot of candy.

Thirty Seconds

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This is a telegram STOP If THE goal is to BE different in a way that causes others to shut their doors in your face than you might as well be MORMON? If the goal is TO live by the comfort and warmth of a FIREPLACE then you should sit down. Get out of the way because this AIN’T the place for safety. What can you make OF this? I make nothing. There is a time for speeches and grand HALLS, but this is not that time because this is a telegram STOP And stop trying to be DIFFERENT. We live in a city where grandeur is marked by our educational strivings. Our goals are the CATHEDRAL. But if you’re still by the fireplace, still SITTING, then you are safer than I.